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31 07 15

Fictional gear

Not necessarily your quantum teleportation devices or time travel machines.

What about less outlandish stuff, like something lightsaber-like or 3D maneuver gear? Fiction has blessed us with plenty of cool gadgets to drool over, and honestly, there’s some that I’d say could become real possibilities in the next hundred or so years. Granted, accurate expectations aren’t that promising: think back to the Jetsons, which was written in 1962, depicting levitating vehicles, fully sentient robots, and what more crazy things have you. Or, for a less ridiculous example, general “the year 2000 and beyond” predictions featured many things we’d still write off as “insanely difficult”, even with our current technology.

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30 07 15

Corporate lies

It’s hard to earn back lost trust.

But then why do we still have trust in most large corporations? Numerous computer companies have been exposed for intentionally programming backdoors into their devices and software so whatever fucking agency was popular at the time could spy on us. They never disclosed this anywhere, it was kept secret. But hey, “we won’t do it again”, and all’s good apparently. For some reason people didn’t stop supporting those companies, aside from the initial few hours of shock.

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29 07 15


What is the label even worth, anyway?

I turned 21 today, which makes officially makes me a 100% adult, all across the globe. (I haven’t fact-checked that, but if there’s a country where there’s still age-based restrictions and other “limitations” for people 21 and over, let me know!) Doesn’t feel very special aside from the small milestone it represents. Here in the Netherlands all that’s new is being fully financially independent, the rest happened back when I turned eighteen. Shit, that was three years ago? Time flies.

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I touched on this briefly in yesterday’s post, and it’s an interesting enough topic to warrant a slightly more expansive writeup.

In the mentioned post, I confessed to having over forty gigs worth of PDFs and other ebook-esque files. It’s a rather grand collection consisting for by far the largest part of computer science related books, but there’s also chunks of slightly more obscure literature in there. Fairly sure I got some scans of old (1800-something) books on shamanism for some reason. Not to mention a fair few books teaching how to do things that might be illegal in some countries.

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Having recently purchased a 2TB hard drive, a grand migration had to be done.

I’m someone who generally likes to keep everything within reach. This means that I do my best to cram as much as possible onto my laptop’s internal hard drive. There usually isn’t room for an extra movie or something, so I have to watch whatever I may have put on there already, delete it, and replace it with a new unseen thing. Not that it’s a struggle or anything, just a slight inconvenience at worst. And the “your disk is almost full” messages scare me sometimes.

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