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And as far as I’m aware I haven’t brought back any exotic diseases or other ailments, so that’s good news.

Holy fucking patoots though, was I really gone for three and a half weeks? On the one hand, it feels like much more. We saw and did so many things it’s crazy to think we managed in the time we had. On the other hand, it all flew by so fast! That said, three weeks is a lot of time to spend away from home in a foreign country, especially if it’s your first time being that far from home for that long. So I’m kind of glad to be back, too.

I took nearly a thousand pictures and videos during my journey, and together they take up a whopping 25 GB of storage on my phone. That’s a lot, isn’t it? I’m shooting in the highest possible quality though, and am also storing the photo’s RAW files for possible future use. And those things are large!

I’ll do a bunch of write-ups on my adventures over the coming days, but first I want some rest and time to catch up with things. Amazing how much you can miss when you’re gone for only a month! It would’ve been nice to keep y’all slightly more updated through the use of the placeholder posts you may have seen fly by, but I just couldn’t be assed to spend more than five minutes typing on my phone, so I used that for chatting with friends instead.

Tomorrow I’ll make the first proper Peru-related post, look forward to it!
~ Fang


  • 27/06/2015 (2:40 AM)

    After trying to write a blog post on my phone this week I don’t blame you for not stopping by more or trying to blog during your journey. Glad to have you back. That’s a lot of photos taking up a lot of space.

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