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04 06 15

So many flavors

The idea for this post was brought to me by beer.

It goes for a lot of things though, there’s so much variety in everything these days. Especially with the rise of smaller producers (thanks hipsters (me)!) there’s a lot of unique and experimental produce making the rounds. Craft beers, exclusive whiskeys, strange baked goods. All available to the masses… if only they knew where to look. Yes, or if more would be invested in marketing. But that’s the cool part, it isn’t Money goes straight into quality. That’s how I like to think about lesser known good-quality things, at least.

Let’s just take beers as an example here. It’s a fairly standard alcoholic beverage, but within its category there’s a lot of variety. I’m no expert, so excuse me for the lack of terminology here, but you’ve got all kinds. Strong, weak, mild, bitter, sweet, spicy. Even if you’re no fan of the drinks in general, there’s bound to be something out there that suits you way more than others.

And since a lot of stores are starting to carry smaller brands, it’s easier to try out something new. Hell, even with beers produced by the larger companies it’ll be a while before you’ve tried ’em all. Problem is, I tend to have a hard time remembering flavors very distinctly, so I find it hard to make any direct comparisons. Sure I’ll know one beer’s a lot more sweet than another, and know that’s an attribute I like, but it sort of ends there.

What’s the secret to memorizing flavors anyway?
~ Fang


  • 05/06/2015 (4:07 AM)

    I think the secret to memorising flavours is just having a lot of that flavour. They say you remember tastes and smells pretty well. I’m not going to thank hipsters for anything though. That said I did greatly enjoy the banana flavoured vodka my friend made with her dad, and the mint choc chip vodka I found in my local store. Thanks weird people who make these flavours.

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