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Here we go again!

This is another one of those posts I intend to fill with different content while I’m in Peru. But just in case I didn’t have the time/Wi-Fi/whatever, here’s some filler writing for you. Just something quick and short. Don’t want to spend hours on something that’ll likely get deleted anyway, right?

The friend I’m traveling with is taking her (professional-tier) camera with her to film some nice shots. I probably won’t be able to get those up in here until she’s back home though, so I’ll only be able to post pictures I’ve taken with my phone. The thing has a pretty decent camera though, so that’s all good. I may have put some up on my Twitter by now, who knows.

By now we should’ve left Iquitos, the Amazone city, and headed west. After inspecting some ruins and mountains we’ll be heading back to Lima to catch my flight on the 25th.

Hope y’all folks aren’t missing me too much. Will be back in a couple of days!
~ Fang


  • 23/06/2015 (12:29 AM)

    I do miss you Fang. I’m looking forward to seeing those pictures when you get back.

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