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And by tomorrow, I’ll be off!

By this time tomorrow, I’ll be on my way to the amazing country of Peru! With a pack on my back and a ticket in my hand I’ll… first be making a crazy detour to Belgium. But more on that in tomorrow’s post. Got to keep these things sparse if I want to keep up a gentle stream of content. So instead let’s talk a little about the trip preparations today!

The adventure’s been a long time coming, with initial ideas dating back to good ol’ 2013. The plan initially was to go during the summer of 2014, but funds were still a tad lacking, so we decided against it. It’s not like we get to make such a large trip every year, so we’d better make it count!

We slowly started listing cool destinations around the beginning of 2015, later moving on to actual date picking and route planning. There was still a lot of gear we had to get our hands on as well, including a passport for me. That sucker set me back a preposterous sixty bucks. It’s not as bad as the (smaller) fee for national IDs though, since those are mandatory to possess and thus should be free, in my opinion.

These past few weeks I’ve been stocking up on the last few essentials. Emergency medical kit, compact hygiene products. Got my vaccine shots a while back, too. (Shitty joke about craving the needle goes here.) At the time of writing though, it’s still not fully settled in I’m going to be a super long way from home for almost a month. Yes, the occasional burst of anxiety is there, but my mind hasn’t been blown yet. Guess that’ll happen when I first set foot in Peru.

This is the first of many scheduled posts.
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  • 02/06/2015 (7:59 PM)

    It sounds like some crazy planning but I’m glad it all worked out. Enjoy Peru!

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