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Sort of like heat-maps, I suppose?

There’s this really cool technique in User Experience design where the way users interact with your system can be measured and represented graphically. For desktop, this frequently entails a heat-map of where on the screen their mouse is located and where they clicked most often. If you have the equipment for it, you can also set up eye-tracking to record what your user’s looking at. Might nifty, but I’ll be talking about the former today.

Though this particular piece of software is more consumer-oriented than anything, marketing itself as a way to make “art” by using your computer, it’s still rather cool. IOGraph is a program you can let run in the background, and it’ll record your mouse movement, clicks and stops for you. As you move on with your daily routine, everything your cursor does is recorded onto a canvas until you tell it to stop.

As you can see on their website, there’s some interesting results to be had. Some guy actually recorded and compared the recorded movement of gameplay in a game where you can pick different roles, and compared the result of all those roles against each other. Some were remarkably similar, others stood out a lot.

I let it run while I wrote this blog post and now there’s a huge circle on there because I haven’t moved the mouse in quite some time.
~ Fang

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