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18 06 15

Internet radio

Fairly sure I talked about this before, but I’m already running low on ideas for all these posts here.

Among the miracles of the digital/information age, we have internet radio. Less costly to set up and maintain compared to traditional “pirate” radio. And if you threw up all the internet radio channels available today onto actual radio waves, I’m fairly sure a lot of ugly things would happen due to crowdedness. That’s how many there are out there.

That’s great, you can find at least a thousand channels for virtually every musical genre out there. There’s even channels that only play music by a single artist, 24/7. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me, but apparently there’s a market for it?

One little thing that bothers me though, that also goes for regular radio, is the constant “you’re listening to X Radio” between songs. Some do it more often than others, and luckily there’s true non-stop channels that don’t do it. Advertisements are even worse. I like to just put up some channel that plays a genre most people present can appreciate, but when there’s some “product Y changed my life” crap jumping through it really breaks up the background atmosphere.

As I said though, there’s plenty internet channels out there, so nothing stops you from moving onto the next one hoping it does better.
~ Fang


  • 19/06/2015 (4:05 PM)

    I’ve really come to accept that adverts are a necessary evil. I agree with you they can break the mood but hey, people gotta earn a living.

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