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If I got my timezone shenanigans correct, I’ll be boarding my plane a few hours after this post goes live.

That’ll have been it. Adventure’s over. I’ll fly away around 8 PM Peruvian time and arrive home around 3 PM Dutch time the next day. The flight’s approximately twelve hours long, so I’m effectively losing time here. But hey, I’ll likely spend it sleeping, so it would’ve been lost anyway.

I can’t wait to get home tomorrow, fire up the ol’ ‘puter, and post some quality “I’m too tired to write anything serious but I had fun” words. Three and a half weeks is a long time to be away from home, at least for someone who’s never done that before. I’m probably going to be glad to be back, despite the amazing times. Can’t adventure all day every day, right?

So yeah that’s a thing. I’ll see y’all tomorrow?
~ Fang


  • 26/06/2015 (2:49 AM)

    Tomorrow is a Friday and a day I read blogs so I’ll see you tomorrow. Hard to believe you were gone three weeks. Just a teaser but if you’d like to help out with Immortal Space you’ll get your chance tomorrow.

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