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Very bad ass.

After visiting Paracas, we headed to Chivay. But not without a quick stop in the big city of Ica!

The stop wasn’t about Ica though. Rather, we focussed on a village that’s a short three kilometers away from the city’s center: Huacachina. The place consist solely of a single street wrapped around a small lake, surrounded by lots of sand, and is absolutely gorgeous. Yes, on the far right in the picture you can see part of Ica! At one of the bus terminals there we got offered a crazy adventure in the nearby desert. After some debating and haggling the price down a little bit, we decided to go for it.

They brought us to Huacachina where, a few hours later, the “excursion” would begin. Along with a bunch of other people we hopped into a cool sand buggy and rode off. After leaving the one road in the village it was all sandy hills, which made for quite an exciting ride. When there was some distance between us and our location of departure, we made a short stop for pretty pictures.

This, however, was only the start of the vastness of that place. After everyone got their fix of crazy selfies, we continued driving further into the desert, and picked a nice hill to go sandboarding on. That’s right, I actually went sandboarding. We started off just laying down on our boards, but soon enough we started experimenting with riding our wooden planks like you would a snowboard. It was radical!

Many kilos heavier thanks to all the sand we gathered, we drove up one last hill to see the sun set. It was super pretty, but went down rather quickly, and suddenly it was freezing cold.
~ Fang

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