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What time is it?

If you’ve seen the link in the “Adventure is go!” post, you may already know what I’m talking about.

Google Maps provides more functionality than just overviews and route calculation. It’s actually a surprisingly nice tool for planning out travel routes. I got the idea from a colleague who had used it to outline his trip through New Zealand, and it looked rather nice. Either draw some lines yourself, or let Maps figure out the route for you. Mark some points, measure some distances, it’s all mighty convenient.

So as soon as we gathered some points of interest and tour bus companies, we could mark the points on the map and draw lines between them in what seemed like a logical and possible order. It helps to give your route some shape, even if you intend to keep things flexible. A point of reference is always nice. Also helps if you got travel times already figured out beforehand, so you can easily take those into account.

Fairly sure you can do even more with Maps than what we did, but the basics were good enough for us.
~ Fang

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