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To tie in with yesterday’s post on the sometimes crazy traffic situations in Peru, here’s a short writeup on how we got around the country during our trip.

We mostly travelled from city to city, which is generally long distances in a country like Peru. It wasn’t unusual to spend half a day getting to our next destination. Most of the stretches we did by bus. There’s usually a few tour bus places in every city where you can get their times and tickets. Long bus rides usually have catering included, which is to say, you get a small box with rice, a piece of chicken, and some water or juice to wash it away with.

Unless you’re traveling with one of the really big companies like Cruz del Sur or 4M, it tends to be kind of a lottery of what quality journey you’ll be getting. I’ve been in busses without toilets, and broken air conditioning to boot. Those weren’t a fun seven hours driving through the sun-covered desert mountains.

For shorter distances, “collectivos” are a thing. They’re basically just minivans that go from A to B… but only leave when they’re as full as they can get. Nice and cheap, but for the more obscure routes the wait for departure can take a long time. And they’re not built to be mighty comfortable either, but luckily you won’t spend more than an hour or two in them at a time.

Within big cities, taxis are a nice choice. If you have the chance, try going for a moto-taxi once. It’s essentially a motorcycle with a carriage fitted onto its backside, but they’re quite a fun experience. In the northern part of the country this is basically all you’ll be able to get, seeing as how all everyone owns there is motors. They’re much cheaper to ship all the way in than cars, so that figures.

Check back again tomorrow for some pretty pictures of sights I’ve seen!
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  • 29/06/2015 (2:38 PM)

    I don’t know, even an hour (or two) in a packed minivan sounds like way too much time to me.

    Now the moto-taxi? That sounds like a good time.

    • 29/06/2015 (4:11 PM)

      Good luck riding one of those things, with passengers and luggage, up a steep mountain road!

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