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20 06 15

Five more to go!

Holy macaroni, writing a large amount of posts in a short amount of time is hard work.

It’s not that I’m getting physically exhausted, but there’s a particular mental drain aspect to churning out large volumes of a thing you only make once a day normally. I could’ve avoided these scheduling issues if only I hadn’t procrastinated for so long, but hey, apparently that’s how I roll. Even then though, I’m not sure if I could’ve filled the idea list up enough to account for 25 days.

My plane will land me back in my home country on the 26th, so I’ll be able to write “live” posts again then. Guessing that’ll probably be a very short “I’m hella tired but I made it home alive, so hi” thing, but I want to at least write something again. You’ll likely also have seen a post with “Peru” in the title fly by. Maybe I’ve filled that with a status update, maybe it went live as the placeholder post I originally put in. In the case of the latter, I’ll have one more coming up. Who knows, maybe that one does get some lovin’.

Let this post be evidence of my nearly depleted pool of interesting topics to talk about.
~ Fang

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