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03 06 15

Computer vision

While I’m hopefully not recovering from my jetlag (you never know with these scheduled posts), here’s something about a cool sub-field in IT.

The term computer vision may sound a bit weird. Does image recognition seem more understandable? It’s basically what the field boils down to. Computer vision’s all about having computers automagically recognize and/or detect things, usually from a camera feed. And it’s useful for all kinds of things! At the place I did my internship, for example, they used it for detecting dirt and cracks on the eggs their machines processed, so they could be selectively cleaned/dumped.

I’m actually, if all goes well, going to do a minor on computer vision. At the time of writing the whole signup process for that is still a bit shaky, since I was an idiot and postponed my minor choice ’til very close to the start of my travels. Assuming I get in though, that’s what my next half year will be all about. That and ridiculous two-hour travel times to and from the school.

Anyway, computer vision has a bunch of neat applications. It’s also what the Xbox’s Kinect does. Really neat how it can differentia between and keep track of your different body parts. Some people are actually working on futuristic-esque human-machine interfaces where you can just wave your hands in the air to do things on your computer. Not the most practical, but definitely fun tech.

It’s also very heavy on the algorithms, since, you know, you’re dealing with complex data. Fun stuff!
~ Fang

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