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But I don’t do caffeine, so what can I say really?

It’s always stood out to me how it is so common for people to get a caffeine addiction. “I need a cup in the morning otherwise I can’t do shit all day.” And then they supplement that with another one later in the day to keep them awake. To me, that sounds like a very unhealthy pattern. You shouldn’t need to rely on caffeine to be awake and attentive. Just get plenty of sleep.

“But I got sleep issues!” Yeah, and the caffeine in your body isn’t helping with that. But hey you’ve come so far that quitting cold turkey isn’t an option either, right? You’ll feel like shit for a week or two, if not more. Deep sigh. It’s a real-deal addiction.

And that’s what seems so weird to me. It’s one of the very few drugs that are socially considered more or less normal to be addicted to. Nobody’ll look at you strange for saying you need a cup of coffee to be awake enough to get things done. But should we? It’s not a life-threatening thing or anything, but dependence on a substance for something as basic as getting your head out of bed isn’t a good thing either.

~ Fang

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