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Man, don’t even get me started. I’ll start myself.

This happens every so often, be it on the consumer market or within groups of people, like developers or managers of said developers. Something new will roll around and everyone jumps onto it. They call it something cool, glorify its core ideas and then it spreads like wildfire. “How could I’ve lived without a phone that has Flibbobity Intersmation?” “Good morning team, starting today we’ll be including Procupple Mishmashing into our development workflow.” It’s ridiculous.

More often than not, the people latching onto “the hottest new thing” have no idea what it actually stands for, what the thought behind it was. Chances are Procupple Mishmashing isn’t a good fit for the tasks their team does, and the old and proven Didupple Pishposhing is a much better method to utilize. But they’ll overlook it because it doesn’t seem as modern/shiny/new and there hasn’t been much talk about it in a while.

You should never be overly eager to adopt something. See what it’s all about first, if and how it works for others, and never forget to carefully look at your own needs.
~ Fang


  • 20/06/2015 (2:55 AM)

    I think this kind of thing has been tried and tested with computer operating systems. People still use Windows XP even though there have been three more made since then. Sometimes upgrades are good. Sometimes they’re great. Sometimes they just aren’t necessary at all.

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