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09 06 15

Browser tabs

One of the most convenient features of modern-day web browsers, but also a huge double-edged sword.

Gonna be honest with y’all here, I have a bit of an issue when it comes to tabs. Whenever I come across something, be it an article, video, learning resource or whatever, and I want to read/watch/use it later, then I leave it open as a tab. It’s the quickest and easiest way of storing something for later reference. And it sounds fine in theory.

But in practice I already have seven tabs open by default (thank god for space-efficient pinned tabs!) for websites I use very frequently (ie this blog’s admin page, my webmail, RSS reader, etc.), so then adding what averages over ten other tabs to it already makes it a bit of a mess.

And then when I start working on a specific task, it’ll leave me with plenty more tabs open for that specific thing. They all have to huddle together to fit, shrinking until I can’t even read the first two letters of the page’s title anymore. That’s when the importance of having a clear and unique favicon really comes into play!

At least it feels good when I finally decide to clean some of ’em up. Finally some breathing room!
~ Fang

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