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02 06 15

Adventure is go!

The date of writing is May 22nd.

But as this post gets published, I’m on a cross-atlantic flight to Peru! It would’ve taken my whole day to get to that point though, because guess what, we detoured to Belgium first. Don’t ask me why, but apparently you can get cheaper plane tickets if you include a train trip from Belgium to the Netherlands. Sounds fine, but the catch is that they only allow you to board your flight if it’s been verified you actually took the train ride. I don’t even know.

Last time I flew was back in 2012 (hi Sophia!), and that was only my second travel-by-flight experience. So I’m sure I’ll be able to keep myself entertained looking at the clouds and whatnot for the first two or so hours… of the thirteen-hour flight. As exciting as the concept of air-travel still is to me (oh how naive I am), that’s a long fucking time to be stuck in a plane for. Luckily there’s plenty of “oh man this is going to rock so hard” to do, and I should probably use some of that time to brush up on my Spanish a little more as well.

And then, some minutes 6 PM local time, we’ll arrive in Lima. I’ll set foot on a continent I’ve never visited before, fill my heart with excitement and my stomach with anxiety over how long it’ll be ’til I fuck something up.

This is the second of many scheduled posts. I’m sure I’ll have reliably enough Wi-Fi at some point, so keep your eyes peeled for a “real-time” adventure update! I’ll maybe also post some things to my Twitter, for those interested in checking that out. And if you’re curious what places I’ll be hanging exactly and can’t wait for the post-travel write-up, here’s a Google Maps thing we whipped up.

See y’all in a month!
~ Fang

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