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Drinks in the barpub are on me tonight!

After visiting Paracas, we headed to Chivay. But not without a quick stop in the big city of Ica!

The stop wasn’t about Ica though. Rather, we focussed on a village that’s a short three kilometers away from the city’s center: Huacachina. The place consist solely of a single street wrapped around a small lake, surrounded by lots of sand, and is absolutely gorgeous. Yes, on the far right in the picture you can see part of Ica! At one of the bus terminals there we got offered a crazy adventure in the nearby desert. After some debating and haggling the price down a little bit, we decided to go for it.

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After spending a single night in Lima to recover from our thirteen-hour flight, we headed straight for the first stop: Paracas.

A short 180 kilometers southward of Lima is a lovely little harbor town called Paracas. On its southern edge it borders the Paracas Natural Reserve, which turns out to be mostly just sand and rocks (rocks which happens to contain a boatload of shellfish fossils!). Near the water it has quite a lovely cliffside though, and it has a cute little fishing bay where a couple of restaurants have set up shop so the starving tourists can get their seafood lunch. We traveled through part of the reserve, mostly along the coast, with a small group and a nice guide. It was really pretty!

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To tie in with yesterday’s post on the sometimes crazy traffic situations in Peru, here’s a short writeup on how we got around the country during our trip.

We mostly travelled from city to city, which is generally long distances in a country like Peru. It wasn’t unusual to spend half a day getting to our next destination. Most of the stretches we did by bus. There’s usually a few tour bus places in every city where you can get their times and tickets. Long bus rides usually have catering included, which is to say, you get a small box with rice, a piece of chicken, and some water or juice to wash it away with.

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First in the series covering the adventures I’ve had in Peru this last month!

When we first arrived at the Lima airport we, being foreign looking folks, got swarmed by people. “Taxi?” “Quieren un taxi?” “Cheapest price!” From the very first hour I set foot in Peru, up to the last one before I left, I believe our most spoken words were “no” and “gracias”. Not that we didn’t need a taxi, but we already had one specific company in mind, recommended to us by our hostel.

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And as far as I’m aware I haven’t brought back any exotic diseases or other ailments, so that’s good news.

Holy fucking patoots though, was I really gone for three and a half weeks? On the one hand, it feels like much more. We saw and did so many things it’s crazy to think we managed in the time we had. On the other hand, it all flew by so fast! That said, three weeks is a lot of time to spend away from home in a foreign country, especially if it’s your first time being that far from home for that long. So I’m kind of glad to be back, too.

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