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A friend asked me to help out with a film project (she does camera work). I agreed to help on the set for two days.

Well, it was quite the experience, that’s for sure! I’d never worked on a film set before (though keep in mind, this was just a bunch of students and some cool actors willing to do the work for free) so I was a little bit nervous going in, despite my role being described as “a guy that drags stuff around”. I mainly helped with setting up gear relating to lighting to make the shots look prettier and more natural, but also un/packing of everything we were bringing to the sets and other small amounts of prep work.

It really tired me out (the fact that we didn’t get much more than six hours of sleep doesn’t help), but still totally worth it. Really interesting to see how things work outside of the camera’s view. Need a scene shot from multiple angles, but only have one camera? Time to re-do the scene four times, moving around all equipment so it remains both effective and out of the image. Clouds covering the sun? Just shove a couple large (hot!) lamps in front of the window and DIY a filter onto it.

Though it was movie production on a budget, it was still movie production. I luckily managed to not get in the way, and actually contributed to swift renovating of set setups. And apparently I may earn a spot in the credits for it? I won’t say no.

Grammy awards, here I come?
~ Fang


  • 04/05/2015 (12:59 PM)

    I think you have to be in front of the camera for a grammy but this is a good start to that goal. You will now live in infamy and for generations to come can point at your name in the credits; no matter where they are. It does sound like a cool and worthwhile experience though. You’re probably going to have more fun on a low budget film set. Do film sets even exist for big budget movies or do they just film the entire thing in the green room?

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