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04 05 15


Oh man, I’m all over this shit.

Check this out. Yeah, I’ve taken better pictures (focus is a bit wonky, lighting should’ve been slightly brighter), but it still looks rather good. There’s things going on, there’s something to look at. Hell, you can almost feel the texture, smell the wood. The wood, oh man. I’d kill a man for some good wood, if you know what I mean.

Get your mind out of the gutter you fool. The picture displays my phone’s new back cover, made from real actual bamboo. Granted, it’s mostly plastic with a very thin layer of bamboo on the outside, but I can feel the grain of it still and that’s enough for me. Anything with a texture that’s undoubtedly wooden is, really.

I’d love to decorate my house with furniture and ornaments with wood incorporated in them. Mahogany or walnut always looks super classy, birch looks great on casual outside furniture and bamboo can be so oddly elegant. I actually have no in-depth knowledge on wood, I just know that it looks really great on all kinds of things. I once considered buying a set of wooden keyboard keycaps, go figure.

But, oh, the way it looks mixed with technology, absolutely lovely!
~ Fang


  • 05/05/2015 (12:16 PM)

    I do love wood. Especially wood mixed with technology like you said. I can imagine what a bamboo cover feels like and I can say I want it. As an avid tree enthusiast though I like it when the wood comes from a renewable source.

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