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15 05 15


I play all these games and I can do nothing but lose all day long.

And that’s a shame, because video games is something I have a passion for. And if you suck at the thing you love, then you’re just constantly shooting yourself in the foot. But hey, what’s a loss or two when there’s eventually going to be a win rolling by, right? That’s true, but today I closed in on a ten-game losing streak in Hearthstone (which I’ve picked up again, any of y’all play?).

The first couple of losses I can deal with. Sure, it sucks, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. But then I’m stubborn, don’t take a break, and go into the next game thinking “holy shit I suck so hard”, expecting a loss without even having drawn my first three cards. I get angry, or a bit anxious, and I play badly because of it. I’m on tilt.

Well, at least there’s still room for improvement, which helps keep the game(s) engaging I suppose.
~ Fang


  • 18/05/2015 (4:00 PM)

    And I’m still just sitting here playing the original WoW…

    At the time losing is frustrating, but it makes the victory all the more worth it. And I find that in the end I enjoyed that more than I enjoyed a game that was so easy I beat it on the first runthrough without any real opposition.

  • 18/05/2015 (1:56 PM)

    There are some games I play I’m not spectacularly great at. Sometimes the loss really demotivates me and stops me playing, or it can spur me on. I don’t play hearthstone myself though. It is the kind of thing I might enjoy but it’s only on tablets.

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