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24 05 15

The light of day

It’s finally that time of year again, when we get more than three hours of daylight.

Winter as a season is rather nice, but the small amount of sunshine I see during it makes me prefer other seasons better. It’s simply depressing if it’s dark out when you commute to work and dark out when you commute back home. A short half hour of sunlight on your skin and in your eyes just isn’t enough. But on the whole other side of the spectrum, there’s some disadvantages too.

During the summer months, we can enjoy over sixteen hours of light a day here in the Netherlands. That means there’s only eight hours of darkness each night. And because there’s all these fucking birds, they’ll either keep you awake or wake you up too early. Also, nothing says “the night was too long” quite like biking home from a fun “evening” and watching the sun rise already. Since it rises as early as five in the morning (or earlier!), it’s a rather poor indicator, but the feeling of “man I shouldn’t have stayed ’til this late” is still there.

All in all though, I’m always glad to get a little more sunshine in my life.
~ Fang

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