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So many people claiming things about how indie looks, feels, smells.

And it’s honestly kinda bull. The things they collate that “style” of are cherry-picked from the finest independent artists and creators they know, rather than the average one. Not to hate on all the rad indie scenes out there, but here’s a truth. There’s a line between hobby/amateur and indie, but the difference isn’t always visible, palpable or otherwise present in a work.

Yes, some indie animations look absolutely gorgeous. Yes, some indie games are absolutely amazing. But there’s also indie animations out there you wouldn’t want to watch even with sunglasses on. There’s some indie games out there you’ll drop after two minutes, if not less. Yes, a fair portion of indie games feature pixel art, but that doesn’t mean it defines the “genre”, if it can even be called that. Hell, there’s so many small-time game creators who resort to pixel art simply because it’s easier, yet it still looks rather meh.

As mentioned, there’s some things you’ll see more often in independent works than officially published, licensed, contracted ones. Doesn’t make the inclusion of those things in any work count towards “indie points” though. Indie is not a style. It’s a condition something was created under. Sometimes it shows, for better or worse. Sometimes it doesn’t, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Consumers need to stop attaching so much worth to the “indie” label before what’s being associated with it can mature more quickly.
~ Fang


  • 13/05/2015 (12:38 PM)

    The word indie has already transcended like this when it comes to music. People seem to have really forgotten what it actually means. It simply means a work released without the help and financial backing of a publisher/developer/label depending on what the indie thing you’re releasing is.

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