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A little something I’ve been continuously adding onto, for personal use.

There’s quite a few things I need to do routinely on my computer, but don’t want to do while I’m busy working on other stuff. Sure, it can run in the background, but it uses resources that are better off being spent on playing some silly cat video in high quality. Things like updates, file checks, and so on, should be run once a day ideally, but I can’t be bothered keeping tabs on them.

So I’ve written a little script that I can fire off every night before I head to bed. Named it “goodnight”. Upon starting, it sleeps my computer’s display. Then it proceeds to update packages and does a safety scan of all files that have been changed since the previous scan. Once it’s done with its work, it puts my computer to sleep completely.

This way, I can tell my computer goodnight and not have to worry about the rest. I can fall asleep to the soothing noise of its fans going crazy and come back in the morning to find everything just a tad more fresh than they were eight hours ago.

Being able to automate things yourself is hella convenient.
~ Fang

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