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We, too, have one.

Things have been going on for a while now, but they’ve picked up pace recently. Today I became a victim of the crazy blame-bullets he keeps shooting. It’s all kinds of wacky. Picture this, two kids playing in the street, noticing how weird their reflections in the cars look. A man steps outside on the balcony and tells them they should back off his car. Then he spouts the following: “Remember how I always wanted to be in the military? You’d be the first two I’d shoot.”

Needless to say our family hasn’t had the best relationship with him since. Never did, actually. I’m sure you can imagine why. These days he’s up too all kinds of crazy antics again. There’s a couple of birds here who’ve been constructing nests in the roof’s gutter. Sometimes they drop little twigs or whatever on the balcony. The neighbor has somehow perceived this as my dad being a cunt and purposefully littering that shit in front of his door. Worse, he’s been mentioning this to other people in our apartment building. I highly doubt they’d take that obvious bullshit at face value, but it’s still slander.

And today he accused me (first words I’ve heard him say in years) of dropping straws around his garage. He said he saw me leave last monday morning with my little bag (true, I had left my proper bag at a friend’s, but that was fucking 6 AM) and apparently that’s evidence enough? He’s called the police on me, and last night we actually had some folks from “social neighborhood help” at our doorstep to get our side of the story on all this crap. It’s… crazy. Fairly sure the social workers know the neighbor’s not mentally 100% too though, the way he speaks is just all over the place and though there’s a general message the sentences themselves don’t actually lead anywhere.

Honestly considering reporting him to the police for stalking, threatening and slander, since my parents don’t want to bother. Sister’s legit scared of him though, so that ain’t good.
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  • 25/05/2015 (2:26 PM)

    I have a kind of crazy neighbour, but nothing on an actual mental deficiency degree like that. I would highly consider reporting them man. If you do then I hope it goes well.

  • 24/05/2015 (7:16 PM)

    I always hear people talk about cool neighbors who end up being their pals, and they just walk over to each other’s houses all the time and walk in and grab a beer… and I say I don’t believe you. I have yet to see it. Everyone I know has neighbors like yours. Us included.

    The current neighbor once called the police on me because he said my car was too loud and obnoxious and it kept waking him up. The police even came over to investigate. When I showed them the car in question was a family sedan with stock mufflers (and started it up) they laughed themselves hoarse and then said they wouldn’t be bothering me again.

    Crazy people… crazy people everywhere.

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