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Rather Stubborn Idiot

It’s become kind of a joke, but I want to cover it somewhat seriously anyway.

Oftentimes when a studio/company fails to do something seemingly basic that’s already been proven possible by a similar product or whatever, people will make up an excuse for the company in jest. “Stable game servers? The technology just isn’t there yet!” Laughs are had and the company’s made to look the fool. Sometimes this is justified. Other times, we can’t be so sure about that.

Thing is, the technology is always there. We can already do so much more than your average consumer of whatever goods would want from them in this day and age. Just not all of it has hit the mainstream market yet. Why? Everything’s shitballs expensive. Not every company is able to fork over large sums to buy out an entire datacenter to run their servers from, much less do so in multiple places throughout the world.

Money’s a limiting factor here, as it always is.
~ Fang

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