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Just like make game!

Suddenly, it was time for bed.

And suddenly, I wrote three very poorly styled sentences in a row. But this scrap won’t even make it into edit phase, so who cares? I certainly don’t, because I’m way too busy with reminding myself I need to go to bed soon. Yes, 10 PM is kinda early, but whadya gon do when you need to get up as early as six fifteen in the morning?

My work times are fine. Eight to five, nothing wrong with that. Shame I have an hour of traveling on both sides of that. Still, it feels good to be back at it. For those out of the loop, my internship went so well the company offered me a summer job. I’m taking them up on that offer during the month of May, actually picking up where I left off.

Right now I’m working on the application I developed and helping out with some related work as well. Blazing through that rather fast though, so chances are I’ll get something new on my plate soon.

Oh and happy Drinko de Mayo mi amigos!
~ Fang

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