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19 05 15


Is that what you call the opposite of tilt?

Unlike losing streaks, winning streaks are pretty great. When you hit your stride, earning victory after rewarding victory, having the time of your life and walking away with the big prizes. But that ain’t all roses and sunshine, I fear. As good as it feels and as fun as it can make playing, there’s a certain downside to entering a win streak.

It’s the fear of loss. This is especially true for situations where win streaks are rewarded on a continuous basis, a loss would mean a fierce penalty, or when you’re just a nutcase about keeping things up. Instead of aiming for victory, you’ll start doing your best to not lose. The difference is subtle but crucial: your eyes aren’t on the right place.

As the inevitable loss appears to come statistically closer and closer (hint: it doesn’t necessarily) you’ll be instilled with more and more fear of dropping that gorgeous streak and breaking it into a thousand ugly pieces. You’ll work yourself up over it too much and either put it off or eventually misplay due to the pressure.

And then suddenly that’s that. Time to build up a new streak, no biggy.
~ Fang

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