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12 05 15

Rough workflows

As should be obvious, they slow down productivity and lower morale.

But sometimes it’s just the way things are. Things will be set up for you in such a way that the most efficient way of dealing with things is still a pain in the ass. In some cases you can go and automate it all, but that’d take up a lot of precious time which you likely won’t earn back for months to come. And that sucks, because having to jump through all kinds of hoops to, for example, test things out is very demotivating.

I personally haven’t found a way around this yet, aside from the “improve your workflow” solution. Sometimes there’s simply not enough time, resources or possibilities for that. What do you do then? It doesn’t just feel bad, it is actually a bad thing! And you can only deal with so much shit before you break down.

In my current situation, I’m also working with an unfamiliar environment which isn’t helping either.
~ Fang

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