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I believe I posted about The Reward once.

Should have, at least. It’s an animated short on the emergence of two great heroes, and it’s absolutely fantastic. The animation style, the narrative, the characters. And what a time it is to be alive, a prequel‘s been made! It’s pretty much the origin story of the mysterious map from the original short. Twice as long, every bit as great!

The team behind it is now also holding a KickStarter to fund an entire season of “Tales of Alethrion” as it’s come to be named. Go check it out, it’s probably worth a couple of your bucks at least!

But when I say “an entire season”, I’m sadly talking an as of yet undetermined but probably low amount of episodes. The KickStarter has reached its $80.000 goal, and is currently sitting at approximately 133% funded. This means that, in the current state, they’ll only be making one episode! They go by one episode per 100% of the funding goal, meaning it’d need to hit $160k for a second episode, $240k for a third, etc.

One the one hand, a huge shame and kind of a disappointment. On the other hand, that’s still a pretty tight budget for the kind of quality and care they put into their product. I just want to see more of it, and would really like to see it hit at least 200% funding. Starting at $15 you get digital (and early) access to the episodes, which I myself would call very much worth it.

Go check out the two animations, and then decide if that’s something you’d back a KickStarter for. I know I did!
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  • 11/05/2015 (2:27 PM)

    Holy crap, that’s just for one episode? That short was amazing, but damn, that’s so expensive! I had no idea it costs that much. With all of the other crap on Kickstarter, though, I do hope this one gets some decent funding and can make at least a few episodes.

    • 11/05/2015 (6:44 PM)

      Apparently it’s even on the low-end of costs for an animated episode.

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