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Well, they are. But I try to tell myself otherwise.

Because hey, change can be good. Not change for the sake of change, oh dear god no. That’d be bad. Very bad. But if you feel there’s something about a process that can be changed to make it better in any sort of way, then that’s good change. Even if it doesn’t work out in the end. You can always change back.

It’s one of the things I notice and admire most about my workplace, or at least the department I work in. They aren’t afraid to change things about their process. Hell, if they take a good critical look at things and see a lot of flaws (which there will always be!) then they’ll be eager to get together and discuss what a good solution could be. I’ve even been asked to whip up a quick form or two so we can take a new step towards quality control: actually keeping track of bug counts. We’ll be measuring developer interruption, too.

I’ve seen them adopt the scrum development methodology, how they shaped it to fit their needs, and then moved on from sticky notes on a whiteboard to a full-fledged digital system. That’s something important I’ve also learned: start changes with small things. Just test the waters first, it makes moving back to your old solution much less painful.

Of course, all that goes out the window once you’re a one-man army, because who the fuck cares if you don’t?
~ Fang

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