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Sparked by some observations about “e-tickets”.

With most big companies having adapted to the digital age, it’s now generally easy to purchase a train ticket or whatever online. You pay for it, they send you an email with a thing for you to print out and take to your ride. Pretty cool, right? There’s still a physical aspect though, you have to print your ticket out yourself. What if we could just put the thing into our smart device of choice and have everything be okay that way?

I hear you saying, “but Fang, that’s already possible!” Well, yeah, it’s possible. But there’s no one standard. And there’s no one standard utilized by every company you’ll ever need. And we’ll never get to that point, but we can make a nice step in that direction, given the resources.

Thing is, companies aren’t awfully likely to want to adopt “this cool new thing”. Even if it’s becoming a national (or even better, international) standard, it’s always hard for them to transition. What you’d need is a couple of olympic swimming pools full of mad dosh, and then step to a government and corporation or two with a proposal. Set up a free to use app, give companies incentive to support ticket validation via that app, give them some time and extra funds to make their systems work with it, and then enjoy your widespread standard.

If only things were that simple though. If only.
~ Fang


  • 01/06/2015 (2:17 PM)

    “Full of mad dosh.” That’s the most gangsta way I’ve ever seen someone use that word. Bravo.

    This is why I like the big concert venue here, that lets you just download your tickets to your phone, and someone at the gate scans them with a code scanner. As more people get used to that kind of ticket acceptance, it’ll take off to other, bigger venues. Like the government. Eventually. Remember: the government in our state still runs on Windows XP (my wife works in IT for the government).

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