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09 05 15

I got shot!

In both arms!

One of the many required preparations for a visit to an exotic foreign country are shots. I’m talking about vaccin injections here, of course. I had to get three of the things, for revaxis, Hepatitis A and yellow fever. Not the kind of souvenir you generally want to take back home… or anywhere for that matter. And of course I’m getting my share of malaria medicine as well. And you know what, I didn’t even have to leave my house for all that!

There’s this really neat service offered here (fully covered by my insurance, too) that basically sends the doctor to your home at an opportune time. Particularly useful seeing as how I’m at work for most days of the week. Arranged for him to show up this morning, he asked me a couple of questions about what I was going to do to re-affirm what I had entered into the form, and then injected me with god knows what. Looked like the vaccines, but I’m no doctor!

Nearly the end of the day now, and my left arm’s still rather sore. Two injections straight into the muscle tissue does some work I’ll tell you. The fact that I went biking instead of letting it rest probably didn’t help either though. Eh, I’ll drink and sleep it off tonight, no biggy.

So yeah, that was the first time a needle entered my body in, what, six years? Something something distasteful and ignorant heroin addiction joke.
~ Fang


  • 11/05/2015 (12:10 PM)

    So you don’t take your heroin via needle then? Biking was probably not the best idea. But hey live and learn. Unless you actually messed up your jabs and are going to get yellow fever now.

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