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Steady decline.

The software development industry, especially the web-side of it, is suffering.

I feel like this happens every month or two, and I’m not even all that heavily invested in the whole “web apps are the future” and “JavaScript’s good for everything” mumbo jumbo. A fancy new framework, library or other tool (generally founded on, yes, JavaScript) will come around, claiming to be the solution to everything. The wow-factor’s huge, because look at how quickly it makes a shopping list application!

But then people try to make larger pieces of software using it. They struggle, but manage to ship a functional product anyway. They praise their new framework for more than it’s worth and shove the nasties they encountered under the carpet. Because hey, choosing to use something means irrevocably siding with it, right? (Life advice: it doesn’t.)

Next month opens shop with a fresh new assortment of hot new techs in your area and people gradually slide over to the new gems on the market, repeating the process. And that’s odd. Folks are catching onto this (as evidenced by the boatload of articles on why the next small-time JavaScript fad isn’t as great as “this one old school workflow that will improve your productivity”), yet I see no people making strong statements in which they vow to use older, more stable technologies.

Guess it’s playground crazes all over again.
~ Fang

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