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It’s… kinda underwhelming for some reason?

So today we got ourselves hooked up with fiberglass internet, speed and all. Nothing too whopping, but still double what we used to have. 40 Mbit/s, which translated to 5 MB/s, both up and down. And it’s nice, images and videos load a bit faster and there’s no more weird lag spikes when I play a game and someone in the house decides to watch a YouTube video.

Despite the official and apparently effective 5 MB/s down speed, images of 2.5 MB (or similar) still aren’t loaded instantaneously. Probably got more to do with how the technical side of that works rather than our connection (though I’m sure both play a factor), but it’s still a bummer. The web hasn’t suddenly become lightning-fast, it’s just shifted up a gear or two.

Not saying it’s not a huge quality of life improvement though! I used to have to wait for some very long seconds for a page to load, I haven’t encountered that anymore. It may not seem like much, but that’s huge for the overall feel of the web, not to mention productivity!

What connection speeds are y’all on these days? If you haven’t yet, ever considered upgrading to fiberglass?
~ Fang

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