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Another month of work, another load of money in the bank and another month of experience in my professional career.

As you might recall, after successfully wrapping up my internship, the company offered me a summer job. After short consideration, I’ve taken them up on that and will be spending the majority of the coming month’s days working there. It feels a bit odd to go back as an employee rather than an intern, but I’m pretty excited for it.

“There’s always some work to do here.” Where work means things the software team is usually too busy to pick up, like the tool I worked on during my internship. I wonder if I’ll be maintaining that, or if they’re putting something entirely new on my plate. Both would be cool. On the one hand, I could use the program I’ve written as a measure to see if I’ve improved anything of the last half year. On the other, a project I currently have no knowledge of will likely hold many new experiences for me.

One thing I dread though is having to get up super early again. Wish me luck!
~ Fang

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