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23 05 15

Gotta go fast

Just downloaded a movie… in a matter of minutes. Good quality, too.

It’s amazing how quickly we can transfer data these days. Sure, electrons through a tube can go super fast, but the whole infrastructure surrounding it has to keep up too. But most high-end internet connections people have aren’t even the best we can do yet, there’s still a lot of room for growth and improvement. Amazing!

Compare this to way back in the days before the internet. Getting information to or from external sources took days, weeks or even months depending on where it was coming from. Huge vehicles had to move around for you and many others. These days, a bleep and a bloop is all it takes. There’s a couple of “gates” that need to be passed, but otherwise it’s near instantaneous.

The term “information age” is starting to grow on me. For some reason I initially didn’t really like it, but now that I can see how it applies to nearly everything going on in our daily lives, I find it a good name. And of course, I feel ever so blessed to live in these wondrous times.

Remember kids, make good use of the internet before it (or you) gets locked up!
~ Fang

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