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Data density

Just like with water, you don’t want to die of thirst. But drowning isn’t a great option either.

Infographics seem to have had their time. I don’t see them pop up as often as they used to for some reason. Whatever the cause though, it certainly isn’t because they aren’t good at what they do. A well-designed infographic can display a lot of information in a dense yet comprehensible package, without making it seem crowded. Data density’s at a good spot.

On the ends of the spectrum however, we have two very bad things. There’s flyers and other things out there that try to cram too much information into too little space. The entire thing’s covered in words and if you’re unlucky, poorly designed as well. Where do you start looking at this thing? The opposite can be even more confusing, when information’s laid out very sparsely. They left out some important detail you may have wanted to know.

Whenever you’re designing a thing to get information across effectively, data (/information) density is something to keep an eye on. And design, of course!
~ Fang

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