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Fucking wow.
28 05 15

Crunch time

Four-something days left. Fifteen posts left to write.

That’s 3.75 posts a day if I want to distribute it evenly. And don’t forget to add the regular daily to that as well. Man oh fucking boy am I in for a wild ride. Good thing this isn’t like corporate crunch time though, that’s way worse. When I’m done with this and got everything done in time, I can say “okay cool, let’s not do that again”. Bad managers though, would be more inclined to say something along the lines of “you got that much done in short time? Here’s a bunch of extra work, since apparently you can handle it!”

I put it very crudely, but that’s basically how crunch time goes down in a lot of industries. Game development is especially notorious for this, some workplaces being “corrupted” to the point where working mad overtime is expected of your average employee. As you should know, that’s all kinds of dangerous and unhealthy.

Now I’ll have to admit, the idea that doing crunch once every year or two for a short period of time can be a good thing, for the experience and perspective it brings.
~ Fang


  • 29/05/2015 (3:50 AM)

    People do say that you should try and deliberately hold out on handing things in, even if you finish it early. I always try and get work done as quickly as I can myself. It will eventually be my downfall of course. I’ve been praised for my speed by pretty much everyone I’ve worked with.

    • 29/05/2015 (11:09 AM)

      A good way to take advantage of this is to just say “yeah I can get it done within a week” when you can do so in a day, and then hand it in after four or five days. They’ll be impressed with the “extra speed” you put in “just for them”.

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