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21 05 15

Community effort

You pulled the community together and got something cool done? Absolutely neat-o!

It always strikes me as nice when there’s a few people within a community that decide there’s room for improvement and then actually get to work. Everyone can complain about things, but coming up with solutions and making them work is a whole different thing. So I always have mad respect for those action-takers that get shit done.

But when a community effort has to be made to fill in holes left by a company/organization, then it’s just kind of sad. Still great it’s being done, but huge shame it’s necessary in the first place. And you know what, it always looks super odd when a large company fails to do some thing or take some feedback, and then a bunch of random people pick it up and hack something useful together in a short amount of time. They don’t have a large budget or any experts on the case, what’s the company’s excuse?

No denying there’s always valid reasons for organizations not to do certain things, but still.
~ Fang


  • 22/05/2015 (3:46 AM)

    Sometimes, depending on the project, I think it’s a deliberate move by the company/organisation. There are people who feel that some games for example are not worked on as hard as they could be because the company knows the modding community will add to the game and fix any issues. I do love it when a community comes together though.

    • 22/05/2015 (11:16 AM)

      Something something Steam Paid Mods.

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