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And the joy of being able to order them online, free shipping included.

I’ve been looking at vertical mice for a while now. They’re supposedly more ergonomically comfortable and relieve your arm of a lot of stress, which is just the kind of thing I secretly really need. But they’re all so darn expensive, all the ones being recommended by most websites. Then someone on a forum mentioned how an equal-quality knock-off of a half-decent vertical mouse was available on eBay for eight bucks.

It may not be the real deal and it may not be as comfy as it looked, but for the price of your average fast-food meal, how big of a mistake can you really make? Granted, I had to wait a month for the thing to ship all the way from China, but it’s fun to suddenly receive a package in the mail.

There’s similar stories to tell for other objects you can get for cheap off the internet. Great to try things out with, though you should keep in mind not to fully rely on them for quality. Still, for the price, you could very well just order enough of the things to last you as long as the original.

Still want to set up that automated package ordering system.
~ Fang


  • 08/05/2015 (3:49 AM)

    I have found a few things much cheaper that get the job done just as well. iPod chargers are the main things I buy like that. Official Apple chargers are so damn expensive I don’t have much of a choice.

    Also yes, it is remarkably fun to receive packages in the mail.

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