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02 05 15

Breaking routine

Yesterday I mentioned how I spent two days working on a film set.

This meant I had to write a post in advance for the first time in ages. That’s no big deal though, it happens, it ain’t that hard. But then I get home on the second day, and when recalling the past 48 hours it feels like the days just sort of… blended together? The memory of the transition between days and their main events just wasn’t there. Well, it’s present, but it’s not linking anything together for some reason.

My guess here is that’s because I broke my boring old routine. My brain’s gotten so used to closing off a day with a post to this place, and kicking off the next one with a bowl of much-needed morning cereal. Neither of those things had happened, everything was different from usual. One would’ve thought that made it all the more memorable, and yes, it does, but the whole “this day transitions into that one” part of the memory feels very vague still.

Is this something everyone experiences at some point, a retroactive cognitive disjunction of 24-hour time periods, or am I alone in my questionable mental health?
~ Fang

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