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31 05 15

Almost there

Most of my things are ready for packing, and almost all blog posts have been written!

Did some good rush work yesterday and today, and somehow managed to churn out enough posts to fill my vacations. There’s only one more left to write, and that’ll be it. Same goes for my travel gear. I got most of it sorted out already, only need to buy two more things tomorrow and then I’m all set. It’s… almost happening.

Most of the other things that still need to get done are phone-related things. Got to have some sweet tunes on there, some audio books, and make sure there’s plenty of space for pictures and videos. I also want to try and record my journey via GPS tracking, but I’ve yet to figure out a configuration that doesn’t eat too much battery life. Well, I’ve got a charging bank with me as well, so it shouldn’t be the biggest issue.

Excitement intensifies. Starting tomorrow it’ll be all scheduled posts for nearly the entire month. Enjoy!
~ Fang

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