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Not even including the summer job.

Since I’ll be gone for most on June, what will happen to this blog? Surely it’ll continue updating as per usual? That’s the plan. But what is a plan when you need to write well over twenty posts while also keeping up with the regular scheduling, and you haven’t even started yet with less than a month on the ticker? Nonexistent is what.

I’ve got a few ideas for short series I’ll be able to run and churn out relatively swiftly. A couple of topics I may want to explore. A few concepts I’d be willing to share, pitch if you will. Of course I’ll also leave a couple of filler posts that I’ll try to rewrite with tales of my travels and pretty pictures I’ve taken if I ever get the chance.

Still though, nearly 25 posts. That’s huge! I’m always willing to take suggestions for topics etc., if you have any…
~ Fang

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