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08 04 15

Unofficial ports

Spent the day getting a simple LÖVE-made game running on Android and iOS. It works… more or less!

Yesterday I tried giving Corona SDK a go. Like LÖVE, it’s a thing for making games that lets you use the Lua language. After two hours of fiddling, I pretty much gave up. It’s so different from what I’m used to, I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around how I would make things work using it. LÖVE on the other hand, is still the greatest thing. I’m familiar with it and it’s just so good.

One of the very few things that aren’t so great about it though is the mobile support. Currently, it’s nonexistent, officially speaking. The team hasn’t released anything solid yet for developers to make their games for mobile with. (Side-note: There’s mention of some iOS thing on LÖVE’s repository, but that’s all.) However! However, they do have a separate repository for experimental changes. Included in that are some ports for Android and iOS (under a shared “mobile common” change-set) that, if I recall correctly, stem from community-funded efforts.

The stuff they have on there is functional, I managed to get a simple prototype thing (that doesn’t do much more than allow you to drag squares around) working on both major mobile OSs. Reportedly they’re still a bit unstable, so I’m somewhat reluctant to use them for production, but eh, LÖVE’s just too good to pass up. And who knows, maybe version 0.10.0 (no ETA yet, guessing it’ll be a long time still) will introduce robust, official mobile support.

Until then, thank god their experimental ventures are publicly accessible!
~ Fang

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