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13 04 15

UI development

Did I tell y’all about that Werewolves (party game) app I’d be working on?

I wanted to use a popular cross-platform UI suite, but to deploy to mobile you needed a paid version. No problem, they offer those for free to students, great! Submitted a request, and waited. And waited. Finally got my license yesterday, so of course I gave it a spin. It was… somewhat disappointing. Not that the software wasn’t what I had expected, I just realized it didn’t suit my needs. Besides, it was a huge hassle just setting up a “Hello world!” thing, since I’m not familiar with the suite yet.

After giving it some thought, I decided to fall back to framework I have most frequently used for game development and related things. It doesn’t come with a built-in system for UI however, and that’s a bit of a problem: the app is almost entirely made up of UI. After giving it very little thought, I went ahead and started building my own UI system. Of course, I could use an existing library, but I have a few specific needs for which I’ll need to write custom code anyway, so might as well write everything the way I need it.

It’ll be a long slog to get everything perfect, but once those foundations are set up I can whip up a fancy UI with a few lines of code and then get down to the actual game logic. Looking forward to that!
~ Fang


  • 14/04/2015 (12:49 AM)

    You told us about the app but I’m not sure you mentioned a name. It’ll be pretty awesome to create your own UI. Learning the other one might be easier but hey, more coding cred to you to start from the bottom and learn to do everything yourself. Before you know it other people will be using your UIs.

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