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A thing worked, and then it didn’t. Then I fixed it, it worked, but then broke again.

By the time I got down to work I had already wasted some time playing games and dealing with shitty phone cover plates (more on that later), so I really wanted to make the hours count. Instead, I struggled with cleaning up a tech demo/prototype and making it more stable. For some reason I spent hours trying to get it to work, and then many more (in fact, I still haven’t managed) to get it just right. I let out a sight of relief, and sent the latest version over to my phone.

I booted it, entered some information, and clicked a button. Nothing happened. The app didn’t respond. Though it worked on my desktop, on mobile it seemed to act differently. And that’s especially annoying because I had hoped to do a little test with friends tomorrow night. Can’t really do that with a non-working application, eh?

So now I’m a tad demotivated, and still very confused. I’m explicitly telling my program to throw an error in some cases. But when those cases are met, it just hangs without a warning word. It would be nice if I could fix this before moving on to the other issue, but I just can’t seem to find the cause of it. If I replicate a similar situation in a separate project, it works fine. But there’s nothing different from the actual project that could/should/may impact it.

These are the worst kinds of problems.
~ Fang


  • 18/04/2015 (3:10 PM)

    This does sound like a pretty bad problem but hey, you didn’t learn all the stuff you did to be beaten now. Good luck getting it completely fixed at last.

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