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Time is passing but I’m standing still.

In May (if all goes well) I’ll be working four days a week at the same place I had my internship. Gotta keep those connections alive and add some extra funds to the bank, because the month after I’m going on an almost month-long trip to Peru with a friend. After that, I’ll only have July and August left before, in September, the next school year starts and I’ll be doing my minor. That means as of right now there’s only two and a half months left for me to effectively work on my own projects.

And what have I been doing? Fuck-all. Sure I’ve made some progress, but it feels so shallow. Absolutely amazed I can now send messages to a server and have them distributed to clients, but that’s just the lowest level of things. Now I need to figure out what data needs to be sent when, how I want to manage roles, when certain events need to happen programmatically, etc. It’s not the most difficult work, but it’s a lot. And I haven’t even looked at art assets yet (though those aren’t needed for a fully playable prototype).

No doubt two and a half months is a lot of time and plenty to get a solid prototype done, but I have to actually make use of that time too. Sit myself down, figure shit out, program it all together.

Here’s hoping that once I get started my progress will feel good and motivate me to continue on.
~ Fang


  • 25/04/2015 (3:46 AM)

    Try and set smaller goals for now. Things that’ll only take a few days but add to the overall progress. It makes working on larger things way easier. Grats on landing the job by the way. Enjoy the trip.

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