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18 04 15

Spring fever?

Yeah, more like hay fever, god damnit.

It’s starting to look an awful lot like spring over here. Survivable temperatures, spontaneous outbursts of green on every single plant you encounter, and more pollen in the air than I got a tolerance for. That’s right, I got hay fever. Not just any old kind, either. I’m allergic to literally every single kind of pollen I was tested for, and who knows what else!

Luckily it doesn’t kill me or anything, but I’m already starting to pick up the small changes in atmosphere because of it. The air, especially on warmer days, feels a lot thicker to breathe. If I bike for long periods of time, the wind starts to feel like it’s cutting into my eyeballs (and I’m wearing glasses, go figure), and then when I stop for a rest the itching slowly starts kicking in.

Yes, it’s a bitch. But it’s one I’ve shared the bed with (?) my entire life. You get used to it, I suppose. It’s not as bad as it once was, either. I can get through your average summer day without taking my medicine. Granted, you’ll find me sneezing a lot, but I do that year-round anyway, so big whoop.

Those of you who don’t have any allergies, have you thanked your body today?
~ Fang

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