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12 04 15

Sports hype!

I have never gotten this excited watching professional sports before.

The Europe LCS (league of Legends Championship Series) semi-finals were today, and one of my favorite teams was playing for a chance to make it to the finals. Naturally, I tuned in and watched the best of 5 series play out. First game won, second game lost. Third game won, fourth game lost. It was truly a spectacle to watch them play. Come round five a friend of mine happened to be on Skype, rooting for the opposing team.

The team I was rooting for had fallen behind, but was slowly making a comeback. A fight was lost, a fight was won, miracles happened, and they ended up winning the game. My friend now hates me, but I was truly happy to see the team I was standing behind succeed. And that’s something I’d never really experienced this intensely before.

Whenever people got way excited about the soccer world championship or whatever, I’d never understand it. How could you get so passionate about a bunch of folks playing a game? Well, now I do. Of course soccer still isn’t my thing, but the same principle applies.

To be honest I doubt their chances in the final are very big, but I’m looking forward to watching them play anyway.
~ Fang


  • 13/04/2015 (3:04 PM)

    I don’t know what it is either, but sports can be pretty damn exciting, even if it’s something like soccer or hockey (we’re bigger on hockey here, but still, same principal, game often ends in a score of 3-2 and that was considered relatively high scoring).

    My personal opinion: the excitement is fine. I just hate when people brag afterwards. “Oh yeah, my team won! Suck it everyone else! We’re the best!”

    Shaddap. You didn’t do a damn thing. You just sat on your ass drinking a beer and watched a group of guys outplay another group of guys. Stop acting like you somehow made this happen.

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